About me

I am a professional software engineer and scrum master, passionate about clean code and software craftsmanship and true believer in the original intents of Agile. I am particularly interested in software design and Extreme Programming practices and I am really fascinated by Test Driven Development (especially the Outside-In technique). I strongly believe in the power of the community worldwide and therefore, I love to share my knowledge and broaden my horizons.

I am currently employed at Blueground, contributing as a software engineer in a scrum team. In the past, I have worked in organizations ranging from Nokia and Tripsta to small startup companies, having the opportunity to work on a broad spectrum of software projects and business domains like telecommunications, travel and health.

During the day, I write software. During the night, I present in radio, DJ, study Italian, travel, read lots of books, (used to) play basketball and I would do more if only I could extend the 24 hours…